The following steps show you how to setup the rover using the Top Con GR-5


Option 1

1) If you are resuming the project from yesterday and the Base/Rover have not been to another job

2) Select the red button with the GPS & Radio Icon with two black X's over them

3) Select the Serial number written on the Rover

4) The Red Icon should now turn Green with no black X's

Option 2

1) If you are starting the job for the first time or the rover was at another job previously

2) From the data collector select "Setup" and then select "Antenna".

3) Confirm the following, then select next:

     Antenna Type: Topcon GR-5

     Antenna Height: 1.782 m

     Measured To: Base

     Units: Meters

4) After the base station has connected to the the satellites and started select Finish

9) Select the red box with the GPS and Radio icon and then select the serial number that is on the rover. Select "OK" and the red box should turn green and the "X"s removed