The following steps show you how to setup the base station on a permanent pole using the Top Con GR-5


1) Screw on the GR-5 Base station to the permanent pole. GPS should be labeled with "B" for Base.

2) Power on the base, rover and data collector. Data collector must be within Bluetooth range.

3) From the data collector select "Setup" and then select "GPS Base Station".

4) Check "Known Control Point" and chose control point where you base station is located. Select "Next"

5) Confirm the following, then select next:

     Antenna Type: Topcon GR-5

     Antenna Height: 0.000'

     Measured To: Base

6) Confirm the following, then select next:

     Radio Type: Topcon Digital 2 (UHF) 

     Port: Serial Port C 

     Baud Rate: 115200

     Format: RTCM 3.X  

7) Confirm that the following are checked then select finish:

     Use co-op tracking 

     Use multipath reduction

     Use GLONASS satellites

8) After the base station has connected to the the satellites and started select Finish

9) The GPS & Radio Icon should still be in a red box with an X over each icon select the red box and then select the serial number that is on the base station. Select "OK"