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At Harness, we share your commitment to quality work. As a full-service grading and utility contractor, we believe in teamwork, professionalism, and communication. We care about your schedule and your budget. We know that we lay the groundwork—literally—for the rest of your project, and we take pride in that.

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We take your project scope and timeline seriously from day one.
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We communicate with you every step of the way.
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We proactively anticipate issues so you aren't caught unaware.

General contractors and developers throughout Middle Tennessee know Harness as a reliable subcontractor that gets the job done. We have the experience you want, all the necessary certifications, and a host of satisfied clients.

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Equipment that stays moving...

I enjoy working with Harness. I will be working with them again and would not hesitate to recommend their services to anyone looking for a div 2 contractor with experienced manpower, equipment that stays moving and not broken down, and getting someone on site when they are needed. Harness will give you the truth on their schedule and manpower and they will stick to it. 
Jake Smithers, Carter Group LLC

Proposals are clear

Harness is a very good company to work with.  They are very knowledgeable, helpful, friendly, and responsive--and very thorough with their estimates. Their proposals are very clear and easy to understand.
Michael Lukens, DeAngelis Diamond

Solve problems

They go out of their way to solve problems for their clients. Their inclusive and open approach to solving site problems creates a team atmosphere that produces results.  They are a pleasure to work with.
Adam Seger, Dale and Associates


Harness handles themselves with integrity. They are responsive as well as just being likable. We had a small issue with the storm drainage. I felt they were willing to work with us through the process. They were able to develop possible solutions instead of placing blame on others.
Clay Stacker, Stacker Building Group

Very creative

We have had a great experience working with Harness. At our most recent project with Harness, the team had to work through some difficult retaining wall solutions. Harness was available and very creative and instrumental in helping us achieve what was needed to satisfy the need and the customer. They have pride in their work and that shows from the top to bottom. 
Brad Lawrence, Barton Malow

Business the Right Way

You always answer my phone call and will get a bid or budget done on time when I need it.  I can tell you guys take a lot of pride in your people and helping them grow. I like doing business with guys trying to do it the right way.
Andrew Moore, W. E. O’Neil Construction Co. of Tennessee
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Bad Subs Cost You More

Your reputation is only as safe as the subcontractors you hire. When your subcontractors don't share your standards, they cause problems that not only affect the current job, but keep you from getting future jobs too.

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Uncommunicated delays wreck your project timeline.
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Budget overruns eat into your margin.
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Mistakes make you look bad and leave you vulnerable.

This is especially true of earthworks. Mistakes here will cost you later. You need an experienced excavator who can understand the site, connect properly with often-confusing utility grids, and communicate with you along the way. Don't hire bad subs because the cost of settling is just too steep.

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Choose Harness for Your Next Project

You could spin the roulette wheel of unproven contractors who promise unrealistic results at a too-good-to-be-true price. Then you’re left losing days or even weeks on a job, while they don’t even return your calls.

Or you could hire Harness LLC. Our honest bids are backed up by our proven track record. 

  • We communicate with you every step of the way.
  • We proactively anticipate issues in site development, utility connections, and scope gaps.
  • Our state-of-the-art equipment allows GPS surveying and value engineering.
  • We care about your deadlines.

First on the site and first in the industry, we lay the groundwork for your successful project. If you want to get started right, make Harness your first call.

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