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Since 2013 Harness, LLC has been developing communities and businesses across Middle Tennessee. While some may see a vacant lot or a forgotten structure, we see potential. Potential for schools, parks, homes, and businesses. These places are so much more than buildings - they form communities. This underlying purpose is the root of our passion, to help Contractors and Developers create our city one site at a time. 


At Harness, LLC, we believe not only in the development of land, but of our people.  With strong team members who are committed to the project and to each other, the resulting work reflects their expertise, dedication and integrity.  Our partners invest time and resources into creating a company culture that cares for all parts of the whole and encourages continual self development and team building exercises.  We value our relationships with our staff, developers and contractors and strive to deliver an exceptional product far above industry standards.


Harness LLC is a full-service grading and utility contractor:


  • Residential Neighborhood Development

  • Commercial Site Development

  • Grading and excavating

  • Utilities 

  • Underground Detention Ponds

  • Bio Retention Ponds 


Our key advantages will keep your project in motion:


  • Front End Value Engineering

  • GPS Precision and Speed

  • Remote Oversight Technology

  • Dedicated Project Management

  • Ease of doing business principles

  • And many other options

Developing Nashville Starts with You!

We are an excavation contractor specializing in grading utility. Harness LLC is a contractor that is focused on excavation grading and utility.