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Join a team where we do more than move dirt……we build people.

You Truly matter here

Operator in excavator doing his job

Harness does groundwork, developing sites for future construction. As we see it, we’re not just moving dirt around with big machines. We are creating communities. We think about the people who will live in homes that get built on our sites, people who will work in the buildings, shop in the stores, play in the parks. 

We’re not just developing land; we’re developing people.

And that includes the people who come to work with us. Maybe you.

Dreams & reality

What dreams do you have for your life? Where are you going? How are you growing? Do you envision a career in the construction industry?

Perhaps you’ve worked in construction before. Sad to say, a lot of companies treat their workers like—well, like dirt.

That goes against everything we believe in.

Call us crazy, but we are on a mission to reinvent the construction workplace. We are building on a foundation of value. We put great value in the communities we’re helping to build, and so we value the contractors and developers we work for. We also value every employee who helps us do that work.

A challenge worth taking

Excavation Operator on Job site

Make no mistake: This is hard work. We have high standards, and we’ll ask you to meet them. You’ll feel tired at the end of the workday. But we promise to treat you with respect, to pay you fairly, to communicate thoroughly, and to keep looking for ways to help you grow . . . as an employee and as a person.

Does that sound good to you?

If so, then maybe you can join our team. The process is simple.

  1. Start with the online application below.
  2. We'll jump on a call to discuss your talents.
  3. Meet in person to seal the deal.

Are you tired of job-hopping, moving from one short-term option to the next? Maybe at Harness you can find a long-term home. Meanwhile check us out online and in social media. Get to know more about our company and our unique approach to business and life.

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