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Grading & Utility Solutions

Since 2013 Harness has been developing communities and businesses across Middle Tennessee . . . from the ground up. We’re never just digging in the dirt. We keep our focus on the end result—we’re doing our part to build the future.

As a full-service grading and utility contractor, Harness offers the range of services you’d expect:

  • Grading and Excavating
  • Utilities 
  • Underground Detention Ponds
  • Bio Retention Ponds 
  • Commercial Site Development
  • Residential Neighborhood Development

But we also have tools, processes and values that set us apart, giving our clients key advantages.

Best in Class Project Reporting

We use Procore to manage projects throughout our company. This costly program is used by industry leaders across the world.

If a client wants access to daily production logs, pictures, safety reports, real-time schedules, submittals drawings and much more . . . we can offer instant access and full transparency.

Procore PM Software

Always Be in the Loop

We send weekly updates with pictures on every job whether you’re on our Procore platform or not. In addition we send weekly updated schedules. Communication is in our DNA.

Get Up-Front Value Engineering

This is the most effective way to reduce overall job cost, if done early in the design phase, before final drawings are issued. We evaluate alternate design options to avoid or reduce the most expensive aspects of sitework.

A few ways to value engineer are:

  1. Determine the ideal elevation to make the site balance. (Eliminates the need to bring in or haul off dirt.)
  2. Estimate the Rock Strata and strategies to reduce blasting or hammering.
  3. Collaborate with major manufacturers to reduce material cost before specifications are established.
Marking up site drawings

Geo Engineering ID's Trouble Areas

If you want to know the areas on a jobsite that are most susceptible to unsuitable soils or rock excavation, we can do a preliminary take-off and coordinate trench digging with a Geo Engineer. This has often proven valuable, preventing later troubles.

We Help You Avoid Scope Gaps

Scope gaps, change orders, and expected unknowns can cause the final cost to be 20%-50% higher than initial proposals. If clients are interested in creating allowances for the unknown elements, we can assist, based on our historical experience and foresight. Don't get stuck with a bill you weren't expecting.

Reviewing project at conference table.

Material Brokering

If a project requires excessive dirt haul-off or import, we can find the best options possible, time permitting. Often there are other sites in the area that have or need that material. This coordination has sometimes saved our clients hundreds of thousands of dollars. 

Get Accurate Drone Surveys & Progress reports

Existing condition surveys often leave much to be desired. If you read the fine print on a survey, you will find out that they guarantee nothing. Topographies are often done on a 50’ grid and are only accurate +/- a foot.

We use drones to create incredibly accurate surveys on a ¼” grid compared to a 50’ grid. In addition, we can perform job progress drone surveys. 

With Harness, you're in good hands.

Man flying a drone

Confirm Existing Utility Locations

Underground utilities are everywhere and it’s anyone’s guess where. Ask any seasoned superintendent and they will tell you how much an assumption of existing utilities can cost a project. Ground penetrating radar and vacuum trucks are helpful in identifying locations of potential conflicts before they become problems.

Better, Faster Projects with GPS

GPS helps your project finish faster with better accuracy and higher quality. If you are reading this on a smart phone or computer, then you appreciate the advantages of new technologies over snail mail. The contrast is the same when you compare contractors that use GPS with those who don’t.

Checking GPS reading
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At Harness LLC, we pride ourselves in doing the basics of grading and utility contracting as well as anybody. But we keep looking for ways to serve our clients even better, with state-of-the-art equipment, smart analysis, and thorough communication. This keeps us a step ahead.
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